Brand New ERO Report

Two years ago we received a poor ERO Report which outlined many areas of need for our school. We have worked hard with support to turn things around for our school. Our brand new ERO report states that we have made “significant progress” in all focus areas.

The report says our “learning contexts … are contributing to student leadership and are promoting students’ ownership of their learning. Purposeful student engagement is a feature of the school.”

Our bilingual learners are described as “engaged, work collaboratively, and show enthusiasm and interest in their learning.”

“The principal and leadership team have set and model high expectations for teachers. Senior leaders have had a continued focus on accelerating learning to raise achievement and improve outcomes for students. Accelerated progress is occurring for an increasing number of students.”

Our board and staff strive to maintain a continual cycle of improvement, so it is onwards and upwards from here!

The full report can be found on “Our ERO Report”